• Aluminum

    Aluminum is an elegant, maintenance free fence that is a great investment for your property. Aluminum does not rust or rot like wood or chain-link and comes with a life-time warranty on the materials. In addition, Aluminum can approve the curb appeal for your property. The following pictures shows the before and after pictures of a recent customer that replaced a chain link gate with an aluminum gate.

    Before aluminum-fence-before

    After aluminum-fence-after


    Unlike our competitors, Metro Fence will not cut corners with your installation to save on labor. All panels are cut uniformly so that the customer does not end up with drop panels. The first picture is an example of a drop panel installed fence, the second picture is an example of an aluminum fence installed with galvanized screws. The third picture is a Metro installed aluminum fence. Metro Fence takes the time to ensure that your panels are installed uniformly and will not cut corners with your materials.

    Metro Fence is the sole dealer of Ideal Aluminum in the Kentuckiana area. Ideal Aluminum manufactures aluminum fence, various types of gates, and railing in residential, commercial and industrial grades. They manufacture custom builds as well standard styles. All aluminum comes with the highest quality powder coated finish in the industry. The powder coated finish provides longer-term protection than a painted or baked-on enamel. We offer four series of fence: R-Series features a 5/8” picket; MC-Series features a 3/4“w x 5/8” picket; C-Series features a 3/4” picket; and the I-Series features a 1” picket. In addition, we offer a selection of colors including black, green, bronze, tan and white. The following attachment illustrates the various styles that are available. Doggie Pickets are also available for families with small dogs. Ideal Aluminum is made in America.

    Fence Styles

  • Wood

    Wood fencing provides privacy, security and curb appeal to any yard. Wood can be installed as a solid privacy, shadowbox, lattice wood or picket fence. A privacy fence provides protection against noise, wind and sunlight. A picket fence provides protection while offering a historical design. Metro Fence also installs split rail and 4-board fences.

    Metro Fence is committed to installing the highest quality fence in the industry. To this end, Metro Fence uses premium pressure treated yellow pine and the more exotic western red cedar. All posts are pressure-treated to protect against premature decay. Pickets can be purchased in five different styles which include Dog-Ear, Flat-Top, French Gothic, Gothic and Key-Hole. All gates that are 5’ or higher and at are 48” in width or more are built with steel frames. A steel frame provides protection against the gate sagging and also helps reduce the warping process. Since the wood frame of the gate is bolted to the steel frame, the gate has a lesser chance of showing the affects of any of the wood warping. Gates are hung on either 6×6 treated posts or steel posts depending on the size, weight and functionality of the gate.

    Metro Fence installs all wood jobs with ring shank hot dip galvanized nails. The ring shank acts as a screw so the nail will not pull out with the wood expansion and contraction. The galvanization prevents the nail from rusting and creating a stain that runs down the entire length of your wood fence. Please take a look at the quality of our wood installations in the picture gallery to choose the style and height that best fits your property needs.

  • Vinyl

    Vinyl is a low-maintenance, attractive fencing product that can last a lifetime. Vinyl never needs to be painted, stained or sealed and is protected against fading. Some Vinyl is designed to replicate wood and can be matched to household accents such as shutters, trim, doorways, siding, etc.

    Metro Fence installs a wide selection of contemporary and classic styles. These include:

    • Privacy
    • Semi-Privacy
    • Contemporary Picket
    • Classic Victorian Picket
    • Premium Post and Rail
    • Ornamental Picket

    Metro Fence also installs and supplies Porch Railing, Grand Arbors and Pergolas in vinyl.
    Feel free to peruse these different styles at www.illusionsfence.com

  • Simtek

    Sim Tek provides the beauty and durability of stone in a more economic design. Sim Tek provides privacy and security while enhancing the value and attractiveness of your property. Some of the benefits of Sim Tek include:

    • Eco-friendly – is made with recycled and recyclable polyethylene plastic
    • Durability in any temperature
    • Superior wind rating – resists hurricane force winds up to 130 mph gusts.
    • Excellent sound barrier – blocks 98% of direct sound
    • Maintenance-Free – will never need painting, staining and will not warp
    • Graffiti Resistant – graffiti is easily removed using a pressure washer
    • Fade Resistant – contains UV-12 inhibitors for a lifetime of vibrant colors
    • 25 Year Warranty
    • Made in USA

    Please visit www.simtekfence.com for more information.

  • Handrail

    Handrail is an essential safety feature for decks, porches, ramps and stairs. Building code specifies that any steps of three or more require handrail. In addition, accessibility and security is a major concern for children and the elderly. Therefore, handrail should be installed by a reputable contractor with knowledge of the regulations. Metro Fence installs aluminum and custom steel handrail and each installation meets the standards set by the American Disability Act. If you are in need of a handrail solution, Metro Fence will advise you on your needs and provide options based for your particular situation.

  • Guardrail

    Guardrail is installed along highways and at commercial/industrial sites to protect people and property from automobile and equipment damage. Metro Fence installs all types of guardrail that meets DOT safety regulations. Guardrail is available in wood, galvanized finish or the more “environmental friendly” rust brown. Metro Fence can also install guardrail inside your warehouse to protect certain exposed areas from vehicles and equipment.

  • Temporary Fence

    Metro Fence offers temporary panels for rent or purchase. The panels are made of 1-5/8 O.D. framework with 11-1/2 gauge chain-link. The panels are 10′ wide by 6′ high and are designed to slide into concrete blocks. Temporary panels can be:

    • Installed by Metro Fence and removed at end of project
    • Delivered and picked-up panels for the owner to install
    • Temp panels are available for pick-up at Metro Fence’s yard

    Metro Fence offers temporary fence on driven posts and we also provide temporary gates, panels with man gates built into them and temporary slide gates.

  • Bollards

    A bollard is a steel, vertical post that are installed in a line to obstruct the passage of vehicles. Bollards range from 4” – 8-5/8 Schedule 40 posts filled with concrete and painted yellow for visibility. Bollards can also be made from wood. The bollards provide protection to buildings and pedestrians.